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Heal-thy Pharmaceuticals is an emerging company that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

Currently, our primary concentration is on Gynaecology products, Gastroenterology products, Orthopedic Products and ENT products . Our core focus is on new product development and manufacturing. We are consistently identifying unmet needs, developing and manufacturing innovative products and evolving strategies to commercialize these products so as to benefit the maximum number of patients.

By using our expert Advisory Board’s experience of more than 30 years in manufacturing and marketing, we are developing new products and new markets, both domestic and international – in our drive to become a successful transnational company spreading health with Understanding, Innovation and Quality.

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613/614, 6th floor city square behind the pride hotel, next to zenith complex, Shivajinagar, Pune-411 005
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E-mail : info@heal-thy.co.in